Start Slack Minimized on Ubuntu 18.04

It might seem silly, but I just hate having to see the Slack Connection window every time I start my computer. I just wanted it to start minimized, no big deal!

To start it minimized, just append -u to the command, e.g.

slack -u



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7 Responses to Start Slack Minimized on Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Kenny says:

    OMFG this was driving me crazy. I was trying to do this with Devilspie2 with no luck. Thank you!

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  2. zn says:

    If you have Gnome autostart Slack, and slack is installed from flathub, you can get rid of annoyance by changing exec line in ~/.config/autostart/com.slack.Slack.desktop into something like:
    Exec=sh -c “/usr/bin/flatpak run –branch=stable –arch=x86_64 –command=slack –file-forwarding com.slack.Slack –startup @@u %U @@ & sleep 12 ; /usr/bin/wmctrl -c slack”

    Dependency is a wmctrl package.

    This is tested in CentOS 7 with Gnome 3.28, wmctrl from EPEL repo, and slack 3.3.8 from flathub.

    It should work with Slack installed from a package with a slightly different exec.

    Key is in –startup(equivalent to -u) switch, and giving wmctrl some time with sleep command for slack to initialise. Number can be varied based on a speed of Slack initialisation.

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  3. zn says:

    It not only minimizes Slack, but also kills the initial minimized window and leaves Slack happily live in a tray.


  4. Serg says:

    any alternative for 19.10?


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