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Configuring Java Environment Variables on Ubuntu Gutsy

The default command line interface for Ubuntu Linux is called bash (Bourne Again Shell), and in order to add Java environment variables, we will edit a file named “.bashrc” and add our commands inside, here we go: Edit the “.bashrc” … Continue reading

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Cracking Windows Passwords in Ubuntu using ophcrack

I really can’t believe what happened :S :S :S, I just downloaded a software called” ophcrack” within my Ubuntu installation, and it could – in less than a minute – find out the password I use for my administrator account … Continue reading

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Bluetooth and Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Problems Solved

Now and finally I can say that my Ubuntu setup is PERFECT: Easily connect to any wirelss network; infrastructure and ad-hoc, thanks to ndiswrapper 🙂 Send and receive bluetooth files as well as browse any bluetooth device using Nautilus (latest … Continue reading

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Firefox Add-ons: Video DownloadHelper

I used to download videos from YouTube and similar sites using the plugin provided by Real Player 11, but I couldn’t use it on Linux, and so, I searched for another tool, and what a surprise :), I found a … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Tweak

A great tool from that allows you to easily configure all hidden features of your Ubuntu OS:’s a must-try tool! And by the way, this tool allowed me to easily manage my processor frequency in one of my old … Continue reading

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