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How I removed an annoying nautilus context menu item

AT LAST I DID IT!! After installing the new version of Lotus Notes, it added a stupid item to my nautilus context menu labeled “Send to Lotus Notes”, this item crashes nautilus whenever it’s clicked!! and it was bothering me … Continue reading

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Mirage: A very simple, powerful and quick image editor in Ubuntu

Since gimp is considered somehow a heavy-weight program, at least for basic image editing, I searched in Ubuntu repositories for a quicker alternative and I found “Mirage”, it’s very simple and contains nice features such as: * Slideshow and fullscreen … Continue reading

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How to avoid Internet Disconnection while connected to VPN on Ubuntu or any other OS

I wished to have that feature since a very long time ago and at last I found a solution which was very simple! The solution idea is simple: Don’t use your base OS to connect to the VPN, use a … Continue reading

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Capslock Indicator in Ubuntu

Very useful if you don’t have a led on your laptop indicating whether the caps lock key is turned on or off: “sudo apt-get install lock-keys-applet” “killall gnome-panel” Right click the panel, click “Add to panel” and then choose the … Continue reading

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Access shared-folder in Ubuntu host from Ubuntu guest in Virtualbox

This is the scenario that you run Ubuntu as your host operating system and Ubuntu guest in VirtualBox, and that you want to access a specific folder from Ubuntu host. First you have to make sure that have install Guest … Continue reading

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