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How to update davmail gateway configuration with new ssl certificate

Davmail calculates the SHA-1 hash for any exchange server that it connects to and places it in its davmail.properties configuration file. When the exchange server changes the SSL certificate, you have to update it in the davmail.properties file, or else … Continue reading

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Build your ecplise distribution

You can build your eclipse distribution, you can choose from many plug-ins.http://ondemand.yoxos.com/geteclipse/start enjoy !

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Adblock Plus Bug Fixed: No more Java Applets Crashes

Adblock plus was causing a very annoying crash whenever you run ANY website with a Java applet embedded! Starting from the V1.0.1, this bug is finally fixed and for those who removed the adblock plus plugin from Firefox or the … Continue reading

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Configuring Java Environment Variables on Ubuntu Gutsy

The default command line interface for Ubuntu Linux is called bash (Bourne Again Shell), and in order to add Java environment variables, we will edit a file named “.bashrc” and add our commands inside, here we go: Edit the “.bashrc” … Continue reading

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Open-source Java Projects

I found this great portal for open-source Java projects; java-source.net

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