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Running 32-bit apps on 64-bit Ubuntu

In order for this to run correctly, you just need the 32-bit libraries required for any 32-bit application, and instead of searching for these libraries – which is a very tiring task in my opinion – you can just download … Continue reading

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Administrating Subversion: Adding and Removing Users

Adding and removing users to a Subversion repository is quite a straightforward process, just do the following: You’ll find a folder called “repos” in your filesystem which contains the different repositories you’ve created. You have to access the repository you … Continue reading

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Performance Tip in 2.3

I’ve just read about a performance enhancement tip in, tried it out, and surprisingly, I found a performance BOOST in its startup. Just open Writer, Calc or any other product and click Tools>Options>Java and remove the check from … Continue reading

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Changing the Username and Password used to access the Subversion repository

One of my teammates; Ahmad Salah from the IFX team has just faced a simple, yet annoying problem; About 2-3 days ago, he wanted to log in to the Subversion repository to access the project files and I gave him … Continue reading

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Running different types of executable files on Ubuntu Gutsy

.deb files, just double click and the package manager will automatically run .sh files, just type “sh filename” in the terminal .bin files, type “chmod +x filename” to allow the file to execute and then type “./filename“

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Setting up Java Development Environment on Ubuntu Gutsy, Part 2: Configuring Java Environment Variables on Ubuntu Gutsy

The default command line interface for Ubuntu Linux is called bash (Bourne Again Shell), and in order to add Java environment variables, we will edit a file named “.bashrc” and add our commands inside, here we go: Edit the “.bashrc” … Continue reading

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Subversion Client on Ubuntu Gutsy

Subversion is one of the most famous VCS (Version Control System) that supports both version control models; the copy-modify-merge and the lock-modify-unlock ones, and my favorite Subversion clients is called Work Bench; very user friendly and fast, the best one … Continue reading

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