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How to Switch Page Direction in Firefox 3

In Ubuntu 8.10 after installing Firefox 3, I received an e-mail that contained a mix of Arabic and English words and since the default text direction is left-to-right, it was very difficult to read and I couldn’t find the context … Continue reading

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How to search for a file using the "find" command (not case sensitive)

find . -name “*” | grep -i

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How to remove items from nautilus context menu

I installed a STUPID application and this STUPID application installed a STUPID item to my nautilus context menu so that whenever I right click any folder or file, I can send it to that STUPID application!! Anyway, whenever I click … Continue reading

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Force Empty Trash

Sometimes you might face a problem where you can’t delete files in the Trash (due to permission issues), I solved this problem by doing the following: Go to directory “.local/share/Trash/” by typing “cd .local/share/Trash” Execute this command: “sudo rm -rf … Continue reading

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How to ensure the integrity of your VERY LARGE files on AIX

Something that I’ve learnt by time is that I must check my files – especially big ones – upon transferring them from one medium to another or through a network or you’re really going to face troubles that you’ll see … Continue reading

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