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How to get port number for SCBroker via srvrmgr

srvrmgr> list advanced param p% for comp scbroker server bla_bla_bla PA_ALIAS PA_VALUE PA_DATATYPE PA_SCOPE PA_SUBSYSTEM PA_SETLEVEL PA_DISP_SETLEVEL PA_EFF_NEXT_TASK PA_EFF_CMP_RSTRT PA_EFF_SRVR_RSTRT PA_REQ_COMP_RCFG PA_NAME ———- ——– ———– ——— ———— ———– ——————- —————- —————- —————– —————- —————— PortNumber 31530 Integer Subsystem Networking Comp … Continue reading

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How to start tasks for a component in Siebel’s CLI

Although I still feel real grief in my heart, but here is my first blog entry after Kooka’s – my beloved Guinea Pig – death: “start task for component component_name server server_name“

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The Log Event responsible for logging user actions in Siebel

To add which user and what he/she was doing exactly to the log files, raise the log level for the event “EventContext”, e.g. “change evtloglvl EventContext=log_level for comp component_name“, remove the “comp” keyword if you want it for all components.

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Increase the log level for some events (based on a wildcard search) for a specific component using the Siebel CLI

Firstly, list them: “list evtloglvl %keyword% for comp component_name“ Finally, change the log level “change evtloglvl %keyword%=log_level for comp component_name“

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How to raise the log level for all events for a Siebel component from the Siebel CLI

“change evtloglvl %= log_level for comp component_name“ Thanks go to Osama Magdy for the info 🙂

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