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Frequently-used VirtualBox Commands

You might be surprised that VirtualBox can be perfectly managed from the command line, you can create VMs, modify VM settings, startup/shutdown VMs, take snapshots …etc Here is the collection of commands I commonly use for my VirtualBox VMs: “VBoxManage … Continue reading

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How to edit network settings manually in Ubuntu Server 12.04 (Precise)

Changing network settings in new versions of Ubuntu (don’t know when exactly this new methodology started) like Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Server Edition, has a major difference from the old methodology. The major change is that you no longer need to … Continue reading

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How to get port number for SCBroker via srvrmgr

srvrmgr> list advanced param p% for comp scbroker server bla_bla_bla PA_ALIAS PA_VALUE PA_DATATYPE PA_SCOPE PA_SUBSYSTEM PA_SETLEVEL PA_DISP_SETLEVEL PA_EFF_NEXT_TASK PA_EFF_CMP_RSTRT PA_EFF_SRVR_RSTRT PA_REQ_COMP_RCFG PA_NAME ———- ——– ———– ——— ———— ———– ——————- —————- —————- —————– —————- —————— PortNumber 31530 Integer Subsystem Networking Comp … Continue reading

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How to make apt-get work through proxy in Ubuntu Precise

since changing the http_proxy, https_proxy and ftp_proxy environment variables didn’t work out with me, I had to search and find another way, and it worked flawlessly: 1- Add a new file with name “80proxy” to “/etc/apt/apt.conf.d”, e.g. “vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80proxy” 2- … Continue reading

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