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How to update davmail gateway configuration with new ssl certificate

Davmail calculates the SHA-1 hash for any exchange server that it connects to and places it in its configuration file. When the exchange server changes the SSL certificate, you have to update it in the file, or else … Continue reading

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7za extract file to target folder

7za x compressed_file.001 -o/scratch where: x: to extract compressed_file.001: The file which is going to be extracted -o: specify output folder /scratch: the output folder That’s it, Enjoy! Source:

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How to quickly divide a file into smaller segments with 7zip on RedHat

I have a very large file ~ 1.7 TB that’s causing me some issues with its transfer over NFS. I use 7z to split it into into multiple smaller files and then transfer them: 7za -v900g -mx0 a MY_BIG_FILE_SPLITTED.7z /MY_BIG_FILE … Continue reading

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How to restart the gnome-shell if it glitches or slows down

Alt+F2 Type r Press Enter There you go!

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Testing the new WordPress Mobile Editor

So far so good!

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How to call GitHub REST API from Ubuntu

In brief, I needed to get a list of the members currently in my organization at GitHub. There are multiple ways to do so, including: Direct calls to the API from curl sudo apt install curl Python using PyGitHub pip … Continue reading

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A nice way to show progress when copying files

The cp command is not really good with that, there are some ways to do it, but unnecessarily complicated. The best option is to use rsync instead: rsync –progress source destination It will show you something like this: 3885367296 0% … Continue reading

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