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Install Linux Distro. without burning on CDs

While searching, I found this cool program that enables you to burn Linux Distro. on USB Devices

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Download Internet Files from the terminal in Ubuntu

wget url e.g. wget

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Clear Totem (and other programs) History in Ubuntu

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Change core file path for IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47

To change the default path where the core file is dumped for IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47 on AIX1- Go to IBM HTTP server conf directory (ex: /usr/IBMIHS/conf)2- Open httpd.conf3- Edit the “CoreDumpDirectory” to the required directory (ex: CoreDumpDirectory “/usr/IBMIHS/corefiles”)

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Kill signal to dump core file

To kill a process and make it dump a core file, use the “6” signalkill -6 PID

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How to enable full core on AIX

1- To obtain full core files on AIX, set the following ulimit options:ulimit -c unlimited turn on corefiles with unlimited size ulimit -n unlimited allows an unlimited number of open file descriptors ulimit -d unlimited sets the user data limit … Continue reading

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Accesing Linux partitions (ext2/ext3) from Windows

If you need to gain read/write access for Linux partitions from windows box, provides you with a simple program that enables you to gain read/write access to ext2/ext3 partitions.

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