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How to to prevent the screen from turning off when locked with gnome-shell on Ubuntu 18.04

This annoys me a lot, as whenever I lock the screen, my big screen turns off and it is an old slow screen that takes a few seconds to turn on again. To disable this behavior, do the following: Download … Continue reading

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How to restart the gnome-shell if it glitches or slows down

Alt+F2 Type r Press Enter There you go!

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How to manually install a Gnome Shell extension

This is a must-know for those who love some old extensions that are no longer compatible with their new upgrade of gnome shell, since many extensions are already compatible with the new versions of the gnome-shell, but all what differs … Continue reading

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Install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu Lucid

This is not for production usage, take extreme care! However, Gnome 3 installation will not affect your Gnome 2.* files. Here are the steps: “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing“ “sudo apt-get update“ “sudo apt-get install gnome-shell“ “gnome-shell –replace“ You can use the … Continue reading

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