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SQL statement to unlock user account in oracle


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How to split a text file in Ubuntu

Simple! Just use the “split” command, if no arguments are specified, it will split the text file to files each containing 1,000 lines of text.

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Import Your Gmail Contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird

To export your address book from Gmail and import it into Mozilla Thunderbird: Save your Gmail contacts as gmail-to-outlook.csv. Select Tools | Import… from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird. Make sure Address Books is selected. Click Next >. Highlight Text … Continue reading

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How to Enable Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace in Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic

Method 1 (tested by me and working): “sudo apt-get install dontzap” “sudo dontzap -d” Method 2 (hasn’t been tested by me): Add the following lines to your xorg.conf file, making sure that when you paste it, it is NOT using … Continue reading

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Build your ecplise distribution

You can build your eclipse distribution, you can choose from many plug-ins. enjoy !

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