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How to use Tor with any Linux App

I currently prefer Chrome to Firefox, and I wanted to use Tor without having to download the whole tor browser bundle. Surprisingly, that was a piece of cake! All I did was the following: “sudo apt-get install tor” It runs … Continue reading

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Installing a Text-based Browser on AIX (Lynx)

If you want a very simple text-based web browser in order to test responses on an AIX server and don’t want to waste time and bandwidth using Firefox – if it exists – and an X-session, use “Lynx”, Here are … Continue reading

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FoxTab: 3D tabbed browsing in Firefox

Today, I’ll introduce to you a Firefox addon that I liked, it adds some nice eye candy to Firefox and works on all platforms (Linux, MAC and Windows). This addon is named Foxtab, and it’s one of the most popular … Continue reading

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Copy text without formatting (as plain text) in Firefox

Ever wanted to copy and paste text from a website without the need for its formatting, e.g. copying some colored text with large font from a website and pasting it inside your gmail account? If so, then this add-on is … Continue reading

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Install Google Gears on Firefox on Ubuntu Karmic

So simple: Don’t install from the website, it will – till the time of this article – give you an error message that your browser isn’t supported Install the “gears” package, e.g. open a terminal and type “sudo apt-get install … Continue reading

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An Excellent Solution to websites that don’t save the username and password

A very nice tutorial that I read here,and it then led me to here, it’s a Javascript script that enables Firefox to remember usernames and passwords for some websites that orders the browser not to remember it, and I LOVE … Continue reading

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How To Download and Use the latest stable version of Firefox (from www.firefox.com) in Ubuntu Jaunty

Go to http://www.firefox.com and download the latest stable version available (3.5.4 right now) Decompress the file to any location you desire (/home/aamr/firefox in my case) Delete the symbolic link “/usr/bin/firefox-3.5.4” Create a new symbolic link to point to your newly … Continue reading

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