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Cleanup Docker Trash

Over time, docker images and residual unneeded files pile up and take a lot of space. We need to cleanup the following: stopped containers networks not used by at least one container dangling images build cache To do that, just … Continue reading

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Flush the DNS cache on Ubuntu 18.04

sudo systemd-resolve –flush-caches Source:

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How to check packages support status for Ubuntu 18.04

To know which packages are supported and which are not, for how long and whether the community or canonical are the ones who support it, just run: ubuntu-support-status It will give you this sample output: Support status summary of ‘$HOSTNAME’: … Continue reading

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Create SSH profiles for your frequent connections on Ubuntu 18.04 using ssh_config

This is very useful if you connect to tons of servers via ssh and you need to keep record of them as profiles. Edit/Create a file .ssh/config Add entries in this manner: Host blabla User blablabla # or domain\blablabla if … Continue reading

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Start Slack Minimized on Ubuntu 18.04

It might seem silly, but I just hate having to see the Slack Connection window every time I start my computer. I just wanted it to start minimized, no big deal! To start it minimized, just append -u to the … Continue reading

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Add a custom resolution to your display using xrandr on Ubuntu 18.04

Just in case your monitor’s supported resolution is not properly detected or if you want a custom resolution to be used: In this example, we will try to add 1368×768, with a refresh rate of 60 Run cvt to get … Continue reading

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Force remove an entry from Ubuntu Online Accounts

I was trying to delete an entry in my online accounts (since I restored Ubuntu 18.04 files over 17.10), and it wasn’t getting deleted. The solution is to edit the following file: ~/.config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf Then simply remove the entry you wish … Continue reading

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