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A tiny script to replace all occurrences of a string in a file with another string

sed -i ‘s/original/new/g’ filename.txt This basically replaces every occurrence of the “original” string with the “new” string in the file named “filename.txt” e.g. sed -i ‘s/’ /etc/fstab Will replace all occurrences of the IP “” with the IP “” in … Continue reading

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My favorite drop-down terminal for Linux

It’s Tilda! My previous best was Guake, but it’s having compatibility issues and not maintained frequently like this one. sudo apt install tilda Very customizable and has a lot of options, including position, colors, scroll bars and transparency. Tested on Ubuntu … Continue reading

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How to connect to your MS Exchange Account (Mail, Contacts, Calendar…etc) from Linux

Just go to Online Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange -> Type your e-mail and password! This basically connects using Exchange Web Services (EWS). If this doesn’t work out with you, click on custom and enter your username and server. I had … Continue reading

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How to cut video and audio without re-encoding using ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i source_video.mp4 -t 50 -c copy output_video.mp4 This cuts the first 50 seconds of the video named source_video.mp4 and outputs them without any re-encoding to output_video.mp4 Another example for audio files: ffmpeg -i input_file.mp3 -ss 00:00:05 -t 00:00:21 -c copy output_file.mp3 … Continue reading

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