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IBM Lotus Notes 8 on Linux

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Live USB Ubuntu 8.04 Installation (Persistent)

Article Source: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Live USB How-to Tips and Tricks: You can just use gmountiso “sudo apt-get install gmountiso” to mount the iso file instead of doing it manually. You can just download the “initrd.gz” file instead of … Continue reading

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DreamLinux on a Stick (NON-persistent)(DRAFT)

Debian-based DreamLinux Live USB 🙂

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VirtualBox Virtualization Software on Ubuntu (DRAFT)

Open-source: no USB support, commercial yes

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Quran Study Tool For Ubuntu

Here is a very nice application for those who wish to read the Quran on their Ubuntu box along with search, bookmarking and ability to add translation capabilities: You can get the application by simply typing “sudo apt-get install zekr” … Continue reading

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