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How To Download and Use the latest stable version of Firefox (from in Ubuntu Jaunty

Go to and download the latest stable version available (3.5.4 right now) Decompress the file to any location you desire (/home/aamr/firefox in my case) Delete the symbolic link “/usr/bin/firefox-3.5.4” Create a new symbolic link to point to your newly … Continue reading

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Get Processor Attributes in AIX 5.3 (Type, Count and Clock Speed)

prtconf | grep -i proc

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find files in ClearCase vobs by Issue number

IBM ClearCase is a Software Configuration Management tool used to keep concurrent versioning of the files (like CVS, SVN and others ) to find a particular files checked-in under certain issue use this command : >VOBS=/path/to/ClearCaseVobs #vobs is the directories … Continue reading

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Script to monitor a Filesystem on AIX

#!/bin/sh # This script checks if the /siebel filesystem reaches 2 GB of free space# And then delete the old logs except those of today warninglimit=2097152    # This number is in KB, it’s equal to 2 GB,                        # KB is … Continue reading

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How To Compile and Install Tora 2.1 with Oracle Support on Ubuntu Jaunty

sudo apt-get build-dep tora sudo apt-get install libqscintilla2-dev Download instant client of Oracle Database (all zip files and extract them to one folder) ./configure –with-instant-client=PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTANT_CLIENT_FOLDER Follow the instructions – if any – and complete any missing steps make sudo make … Continue reading

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