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Build Synergy in Ubuntu 19.04

Synergy software, which shares your keyboard and mouse to multiple computers through the network, is no longer available in the Ubuntu 19.04 repos, so the only remaining option is to build it from source: sudo apt install qtcreator qtbase5-dev cmake … Continue reading

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Compile & Install virt-manager 1.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18

The latest virt-manager supports configuring VMs for OpenGL passthrough for 3D acceleration in virtual machines plus a SPICE console that can make good use of that, which I have been waiting A LOOONG TIME for! Unfortunately, the default package on … Continue reading

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How to compile all Oracle DB 11gR2 Invalid Objects

Login to SQLPlus Run the following statement: “@?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql”

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How To Compile and Install Tora 2.1 with Oracle Support on Ubuntu Jaunty

sudo apt-get build-dep tora sudo apt-get install libqscintilla2-dev Download instant client of Oracle Database (all zip files and extract them to one folder) ./configure –with-instant-client=PATH_TO_YOUR_INSTANT_CLIENT_FOLDER Follow the instructions – if any – and complete any missing steps make sudo make … Continue reading

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