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This is post number 300

WoW! Way to go, this is my post number 300, but I must of course say anything useful or a good piece of new, mmmm, here it is: A free guide: Getting started with Ubuntu 12.10!  

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Configuration for BI Publisher Server Level Log

Here are the steps to change your BI Publisher Enterprise Server to be in a debug mode: Login to BIP as Administrator Select Admin -> System Maintenance -> Server Configuration Change Debug Level to ‘Debug’ under General Properties Click on … Continue reading

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Ubuntu, is it ready for Tablets? Unity Vs. MATE

Today I did a test, comparing the Unity desktop, which is Ubuntu’s default now, on Ubuntu Quantal, to the MATE desktop (forked from Gnome 2) on Linux Mint 14 (also based on Ubuntu Quantal), all 64-bit. The test was run … Continue reading

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How to get version of Redhat & Oracle Enterprise Linux

Oracle Enterprise Linux: more /etc/enterprise-release, example output: “Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Carthage)” Redhat: more /etc/redhat-release

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How to enable & force HTTPS on Apache2 Web Server on Ubuntu

HTTPS Configuration (with self-signed certificate) “sudo a2enmod ssl” “sudo a2ensite default-ssl” With Apache2 now configured for HTTPS, restart the service to enable the new settings: “sudo service apache2 restart” Source: To force https: Enable mod_rewrite: “sudo a2enmod rewrite” Then … Continue reading

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