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How to create missing table S_ETL_PRD_REL from ddlimp utility

– Login to the server with the Oracle BI Applications installed – Run the following command (in this case it’s a windows server): D:\instance_name\mwh\Oracle_BI1\biapps\dwrep\Bin\DDLIMP /U siebel /P ***** /a SIEBEL /C tp4u12 /G SSE_ROLE /W Y /B SIEBELDATA /X SIEBELINDEX … Continue reading

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How to list the security adapter for an Object Manager in Siebel

list parameter SecAdptMode for comp comp_name e.g. list parameter SecAdptMode for comp eCommunicationsObjMgr_enu sample output for LDAP authentication: PA_ALIAS     PA_VALUE  PA_DATATYPE  PA_SCOPE   PA_SUBSYSTEM      PA_SETLEVEL  PA_DISP_SETLEVEL     PA_EFF_NEXT_TASK  PA_EFF_CMP_RSTRT  PA_EFF_SRVR_RSTRT  PA_REQ_COMP_RCFG  PA_NAME ———–  ——–  ———–  ———  —————-  ———–  ——————-  —————-  —————-  —————–  … Continue reading

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How to get port number for SCBroker via srvrmgr

srvrmgr> list advanced param p% for comp scbroker server bla_bla_bla PA_ALIAS PA_VALUE PA_DATATYPE PA_SCOPE PA_SUBSYSTEM PA_SETLEVEL PA_DISP_SETLEVEL PA_EFF_NEXT_TASK PA_EFF_CMP_RSTRT PA_EFF_SRVR_RSTRT PA_REQ_COMP_RCFG PA_NAME ———- ——– ———– ——— ———— ———– ——————- —————- —————- —————– —————- —————— PortNumber 31530 Integer Subsystem Networking Comp … Continue reading

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Quick Tutorial: How to Setup Visual Mining NetCharts for Siebel 8 on AIX

I’m using user “siebel” to do all the below, it’s not recommended to use “root”. Download the installation files from Siebe’s image and upload it to the server decompress the file and navigate to: enu->unix There is only one file … Continue reading

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List sessions for a user using Siebel CLI

“list sessions for login user_name“

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How to start tasks for a component in Siebel’s CLI

Although I still feel real grief in my heart, but here is my first blog entry after Kooka’s – my beloved Guinea Pig – death: “start task for component component_name server server_name“

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The Log Event responsible for logging user actions in Siebel

To add which user and what he/she was doing exactly to the log files, raise the log level for the event “EventContext”, e.g. “change evtloglvl EventContext=log_level for comp component_name“, remove the “comp” keyword if you want it for all components.

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