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How to fix unavailable swap problem after fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 with Home Encryption

This is a bug which makes the UUID unreadable in the /etc/crypttab and accordingly no swap will be read and used by the system, which is unacceptable of course. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do … Continue reading

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My Story with Hibernating Ubuntu Lucid

Well, I couldn’t find an appropriate title for this article except the above one! The story is simple, I suddenly couldn’t find the “hibernate” option while shutting down and this annoyed me a little bit, I took a quick look … Continue reading

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How to increase AIX swap space

“lsps -a” This will display something like: Page Space Physical Volume Volume Group Size %Used Active Auto Typehd6 hdisk0 rootvg 512MB 1 yes yes lv This means that hd6 is the logical volume used for paging. To increase it, use … Continue reading

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