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Remove Carriage Returns From Text Files Edited on Windows

Sometimes people change text files – that are supposed to run or get processed on a Unix/Linux system – on Windows text editors such as notepad, this messes up the file as Windows puts a carriage return (read as ^M … Continue reading

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Use Your Bluetooth Phone To Access The Internet

This is really cool! I could finally access the internet over a bluetooth personal area network (PAN) on my Ubuntu Hardy, here are the steps: Install the following packages: bluez-utils, bluetooth, bluez-gnome, bluez-hcidump you will need to enable the BlueTooth … Continue reading

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Create Keyboard Shortcut to Kill/Open avant-window-navigator when playing games

I really like compiz and awn (avant window navigator), but awn causes me a problem when playing games; they just keep flickering till I get mad, so everytime I start a game I have to manually close awn and after … Continue reading

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