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Ubuntu, The Best Linux Distro Ever!

As the title shows, yes, IN MY OPINION, Ubuntu is the best, after trying a lot of Linux distros; Fedora 7, openSUSE 10.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1, Red Hat 9 and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the one that is nearest … Continue reading

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Disable Caching in Tapestry

Tapestry strives to be as efficient as possible, so it caches page templates and specifications in order not to reload them every time when they are needed. This is a very useful behavior in a production application; however, during development … Continue reading

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Using .rpm packages for Ubuntu

As all of you know, Ubuntu is a Debian-based distro, which means that it uses the .deb packages, but the more I work with Ubuntu, the more I discover that many packages are available in .rpm format only (or alternatively … Continue reading

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A Great MP3 Player!

Before now, I was using Totem Movie Player to play my MP3 collections, but I didn’t feel it was as convenient as Winamp or Windows Media Player, and yesterday I saw one of my friends running what I thought at … Continue reading

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