Create SSH profiles for your frequent connections on Ubuntu 18.04 using ssh_config

This is very useful if you connect to tons of servers via ssh and you need to keep record of them as profiles.

  • Edit/Create a file .ssh/config
  • Add entries in this manner:
Host blabla
User blablabla # or domain\blablabla if it's a domain user
HostName x.x.x.x

Host blabla2
User blablabla2
HostName x2.x2.x2.x2
  • Then all you need to do to connect to any of these specific connections using these specific users is to:
ssh blabla #To connect to server blabla with user blablabla


ssh blabla2 #To connect to server blabla2 with user blablabla2

For more info like advanced customization and features like using ssh keys, you can get help from the manual:

man ssh_config


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