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rmconverter: Convert Real Media Files to MP3 or WAV


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SubDownloader: Search for & Download subtitles for your movies


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Ubuntu TTS (Text To Speech) DRAFT

While going through the options of StarDict (that I wrote about in an earlier post)…TBC, DRAFT

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Avidemux; Cut your undesirable scenes from any movie in Ubuntu

Need a software to help you remove the undesirable scenes from your movies before giving it to friends or family? If so, then Avidemux is for you. Avidemux is an open-source and free software that lets you cut your movies … Continue reading

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DeVeDe; Convert your favorite movies to be played on a DVD player

One of the things I was looking for since a very long time ago is that I wanted to play my favorite movies on the TV, not on the computer. I wanted that for 2 reasons: The TV is much … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Gamers Arena

I found a fantastic site specialized in games available for Ubuntu. If you’re a gamer and you’re using Ubuntu, then “Ubuntu Gamers Arena” is for you.

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Playdeb; An Ubuntu Games Repository

The very famous website for providing a LOT of packages for Ubuntu including Games, Audio, Multimedia, Development…etc has created a project (still in beta stage till the time of this entry) which aims at providing a repository specialized in … Continue reading

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