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Monitor CPU, Memory and Network on AIX

Very good two commands to monitor CPU, Memory and Network on AIX: netstat and vmstat e.g. “netstat 5”, views the network activity, reports every 5 seconds, change 5 to 10 if you want every 10 seconds and so on. e.g. … Continue reading

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Install NFS Client on Windows Server 2008 R2

Steps: 1. Launch the “Server Manager”   2. Click Role, Click “Add Roles” in the right panel   3. Click Next, Select the checkbox of “File Services”, Click Next.   4. When the “Select Role Services” appears, select the checkbox … Continue reading

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Kill signal to dump core file

To kill a process and make it dump a core file, use the “6” signalkill -6 PID

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How to enable full core on AIX

1- To obtain full core files on AIX, set the following ulimit options:ulimit -c unlimited turn on corefiles with unlimited size ulimit -n unlimited allows an unlimited number of open file descriptors ulimit -d unlimited sets the user data limit … Continue reading

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How to unset an environment variable in Bash

“unset variable_name“

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