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Solve /boot getting 100% full issue on Ubuntu Servers

This is an issue affecting many Ubuntu servers. It basically happens when you enable automated security updates, multiple kernel packages get installed automatically, without removing the old ones, which gets /boot 100% full and the package manager is no longer … Continue reading

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Install docker on multiple Ubuntu Xenial hosts with Ansible

Ansible is an amazing piece of configuration management software. Among its amazing features is that it’s totally agentless and the only 2 packages that it needs on any host are python and an SSH server. Today we will create a … Continue reading

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How to make apt-get work through proxy in Ubuntu Precise

since changing the http_proxy, https_proxy and ftp_proxy environment variables didn’t work out with me, I had to search and find another way, and it worked flawlessly: 1- Add a new file with name “80proxy” to “/etc/apt/apt.conf.d”, e.g. “vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80proxy” 2- … Continue reading

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How to fix blank pages in PDF printer in Linux Mint 12

PDF printer comes by detault in linux mint, and when I tried it, it produced blank pages with no content whatsoever. What I did to fix this is that: I opened my printers list deleted the existing PDF printer then … Continue reading

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At last, permanent solution to the problem of Ubuntu Lucid Network Manager – sometimes – not able to recognize 3G modem

At last, and after a long wait and suffering each time I need to use my 3G modem (plug in, plug out, use another USB port, switch two modems …etc), and the worst was that I didn’t know why it … Continue reading

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