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How to exclude a folder when using TAR to archive

I’m generally using the “tar” utility to backup my stuff, but sometimes I need to exclude some folders, especially very large folders such as those for Videos or Virtual Machines, this is the syntax you need to use: tar -cvf … Continue reading

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Extract a certain file to a certain directory from a tar archive using GNU Tar

“gtar -C hobba -xvf aamr.tar aamr/1” where: “hobba” is the directory to extract to“aamr.tar” is the archive from which we’ll extract the file “aamr/1” is the file inside the archive to be extracted to the destination directory (hobba).

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A more convenient alternative to AIX tar; gtar

Searched everywhere just to know how to use the “tar” command to extract an archive to a certain folder instead of extracting it using the same directory structure inside, and so here are the steps: Don’t use the “tar” program … Continue reading

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