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Best way to exclude a folder from your search using the “find” command

I found it to be the fastest and most effective way to use the find command and exclude specific folders. That is using the “prune” option: find /FOLDER_TO_SEARCH_INSIDE -path /FOLDER_TO_EXCLUDE -prune -o -name ‘NAME_OR_PATTERN_TO_SEARCH_FOR’ -print That’s it, Enjoy! Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4210042/how-to-exclude-a-directory-in-find-command

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How to exclude a folder when using TAR to archive

I’m generally using the “tar” utility to backup my stuff, but sometimes I need to exclude some folders, especially very large folders such as those for Videos or Virtual Machines, this is the syntax you need to use: tar -cvf … Continue reading

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