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Search for files with certain size and extension

I was looking for a large PDF file that was above 100 MB. The file was inside thousands of other files and folders, so I used this command to find it: find . -type f -size +100M | grep -i … Continue reading

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Compress PDF Files Effectively in Ubuntu

Found a great script that does an amazing job with compressing PDF files whilst maintaining a good quality: Get the script from here:¬†http://www.alfredklomp.com/programming/shrinkpdf/ Just copy the script to a text file and make it executable, then run: ./shrinkpdf infile.pdf outfile.pdf … Continue reading

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How to fix blank pages in PDF printer in Linux Mint 12

PDF printer comes by detault in linux mint, and when I tried it, it produced blank pages with no content whatsoever. What I did to fix this is that: I opened my printers list deleted the existing PDF printer then … Continue reading

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