How to fix blank pages in PDF printer in Linux Mint 12

PDF printer comes by detault in linux mint, and when I tried it, it produced blank pages with no content whatsoever.

What I did to fix this is that:

  1. I opened my printers list
  2. deleted the existing PDF printer
  3. then removed the “cups-pdf” package “sudo apt-get remove cups-pdf”
  4. Finally re-installed it afterwards “sudo apt-get install cups-pdf”, and it worked perfectly afterwards!



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3 Responses to How to fix blank pages in PDF printer in Linux Mint 12

  1. mike says:

    Thanks, that did the trick….but I didn’t need to remove and reinstall the software, rather I just recreated the PDF printer. This was a problem in Mint 11 as well.


  2. John says:

    Thanks. works hopefully forever.
    one note I’d like to add for those who may not know how to open the “printers list”
    click on Menu (bottom left corner of screen)
    click on “Preferences”
    click on “Printers”
    when the GUI comes up click on “Unlock”
    enter your password
    click to highlight the pdf printer
    at the bottom of the window click on the “-” to remove the pdf printer entry
    then close the GUI


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