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How to fix unavailable swap problem after fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 with Home Encryption

This is a bug which makes the UUID unreadable in the /etc/crypttab and accordingly no swap will be read and used by the system, which is unacceptable of course. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do … Continue reading

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Workaround for Ubuntu Karmic Bug: Window List buttons do not always respond to mouse clicks

Here is the bug URL I got the solution from there as well, as this was an extremely annoying bug for me and I consider it a FATAL One! Open a terminal and run the following command: “nohup env GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 … Continue reading

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Temporary workaround for virtualbox not able to unmount CD/DVD drive or ISO image

Just don’t use  a dynamic expanding harddisk and the problem is gone!!

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