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Get your Desktop Icons BACK on Ubuntu 19.04 with Nemo

Gnome disabled OOTB support for managing Desktop icons, and is now handled via a gnome shell extension that is missing many features and not quite usable. The best solution I found so far was to install nemo (file manager on … Continue reading

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How I removed an annoying nautilus context menu item

AT LAST I DID IT!! After installing the new version of Lotus Notes, it added a stupid item to my nautilus context menu labeled “Send to Lotus Notes”, this item crashes nautilus whenever it’s clicked!! and it was bothering me … Continue reading

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How to remove items from nautilus context menu

I installed a STUPID application and this STUPID application installed a STUPID item to my nautilus context menu so that whenever I right click any folder or file, I can send it to that STUPID application!! Anyway, whenever I click … Continue reading

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