How to mount SSHFS from Ubuntu

A more secure alternative to NFS or SAMBA would be to use SSHFS.

Besides encrypting the data stream, it has many benefits, among which:

  1. Firewall-friendly, since it uses standard SSH ports
  2. Supports PKI

To mount an SSH filesystem from Ubuntu, do the following:

  1. sudo apt install sshfs
  2. sudo mkdir /MountPoint
  3. sudo sshfs username@server:/RemoteFileSystem /MountPoint

Note: You don’t need to use sudo to mount via sshfs, just make sure you have permissions on the local mount point.



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1 Response to How to mount SSHFS from Ubuntu

  1. ΞXΤЯ3МΞ says:

    Do you know if this works for mounting a remote AWS disk (s3) ?


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