The Fastest Way to Download a Website Offline

One Word & One Command:

HTTrack, that’s the word

“httrack –max-rate=1000000000 –sockets=50 –disable-security-limits –display” and that’s the command, where:

–max-rate is the download rate where 1000 = 1 KB/sec, so I am using a 1 GB/sec limit!

–sockets is the number of simultaneous connections

–disable-security-limits to bypass the security limits of httrack which limits the download rate to 25 KB/s and 4 active connections, use with caution, might cause you trouble for bandwidth abuse, use it at your own risk!

UPDATE: This still takes a long time depending on the available bandwidth and website size, so you’d better keep it running inside a “screen”, as follows:

screen -S $website_name -d -m httrack $website_name –max-rate=1000000000 –sockets=50 –disable-security-limits –display

where $website_name is – obviously – your website’s address 😉


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Research Support and Infrastructure Engineer, OSS & Linux Geek
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