Ubuntu, is it ready for Tablets? Unity Vs. MATE

Today I did a test, comparing the Unity desktop, which is Ubuntu’s default now, on Ubuntu Quantal, to the MATE desktop (forked from Gnome 2) on Linux Mint 14 (also based on Ubuntu Quantal), all 64-bit.

The test was run on an old laptop with a Core 2 Duo Processor, 1 GB RAM and Intel Graphics Card.

This was a non-standard test, where I measured desktop responsiveness, ran some applications like Firefox and LibreOffice, played some video files…etc, and I have to admit that Unity compared to MATE is like Sound speed compared to Lightning!!

This made me highly doubt that Ubuntu with Unity is ready for Tablets, as Canonical claims, what do you think?

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Systems Engineer, OSS & Linux Geek
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