How to install basic GUI on Ubuntu Server and access it via VNC

For those who need basic & light-weight GUI for their Ubuntu Server, you can do the following:

“sudo apt-get install xorg openbox”

To easily access it via VNC:

“sudo apt-get install tightvncserver”

To start your VNC server, simply type:


Then you can access this VNC server via any VNC client, such as Remmina with the following server info:

“servername:1” (for the first vncserver, replace 1 by a corresponding number as necessary)

If a password is required and the server didn’t prompt you for it, simply run:


After you’re done, don’t forget to kill your VNC server via the following command:

“vncserver -kill :1” (replace 1 by a corresponding number as necessary)

All the above packages take very little resources from your server, for example they all take around 100 MB of storage only!


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