Oracle TimesTen In-memory Database Quick Commands & Tips

Commands to Start TimesTen Service:

./ttdaemonadmin -start
./ttdaemonadmin -startserver

Commands to Stop TimesTen Service:

./ttdaemonadmin -stopserver
./ttdaemonadmin -stop

Command to get status of TimesTen DB:


Note: Important to notice is whether the Data is loaded into RAM or not

Command to load the data into RAM:

./ttAdmin -connstr “dsn=DATA_SOURCE_NAME” -ramLoad

Command to unload data from RAM:

./ttAdmin -connstr “dsn=DATA_SOURCE_NAME” -ramUnload

Command to run quick query on the TimesTen DB:

./ttIsql -connstr “dsn=DATA_SOURCE_NAME” -e “SQL_STATEMENT_1; SQL_STATEMENT_2;”

Location of Log Files for Troubleshooting:

TimesTen/t1122/info, the two most important files are tterrors.log and ttmesg.log

If you would like to know more about Oracle TimesTen Database:


Product Documentation:

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