Techienotes: – A New Experience and Soul in the Middle East


This site is one of very few sites that call for science and technology in the middle east, “yalla” means come’on, “3elm” means Science in Arabic

In TechieNotes we promote for the positive technology and science technologies in the Middle East, and this is one of them

If you want to contribute, you may positively help in the build up of information base in this Arabic based site.

One day the dream will come true, and Middle East will contribute in the technology innovation in the world

Be one of them, and share 🙂

About مشمش

Change is a life essential, if you do not master making it.. you will be affected by it.. In other words.. Lead, follow.. or get out of my way.. التغيير في الحياة شئ أساسي، اذا لم تتقنه، فرض عليك اما أن تقود، واما أن تقاد، واما أن تذهب بعيدا عن طريقي
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2 Responses to Techienotes: – A New Experience and Soul in the Middle East

  1. rahma says:

    جزاكم الله خيرا ..يارب بالتوفيق


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