TechieNotes: Courses on Embedded Programming in Cairo and Alexandria Egypt

Embedded Fab

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With the recent revolution in the field of Embedded Systems and Mobile Applications in Egypt and Middle East, We Introduce

Embedded Software Development diplomas at Cairo: Nasr City, Alex: Loran

Mobile applications development (J2ME/iPhone Applications development) diplomas at Cairo: Nasr city

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Diplomas in details:

Embedded Systems

full diploma (discover, understand and be professional)


If you are getting started with Embedded Systems and wants to be professional


Level 1(getting started) (75Hrs) (Fees: 1000LE)

1.     Introduction to embedded systems.

2.     Software Engineering

3.     Microcontroller

4.     Computer Architecture and computer interfacing.

5.     Assembly programming.

6.     C, advanced C and data structure.

Level 2(become professional) (70Hrs) (Fees: 1250LE)

7.     Embedded C and code optimization.

8.     Tooling.

9.     ARM Architecture and efficient C for ARM.

10. Device drivers.

11. Testing of Embedded Systems.

12. Automotive Bus Technology Standards. (CAN + LIN + Flex-Ray)

Level 3(Advanced)(35Hrs)(Fees:750LE)

13. Real time design

14. Real Time System and RTOS.

15. Final real Embedded System Project.

Full diploma (175Hrs/Fees: 2400LE instead of 3000)

Mini diploma (The Extract)


At the end of this diploma, the candidate will be able to understand embedded designs and make designs for projects.


1.     Introduction to embedded systems.

2.     Computer architecture and computer interfacing.

3.     Software Engineering.

4.     C and advanced C.

5.     Embedded C and code optimization.

6.     Real Time System and RTOS.

7.      Embedded System Design Project.

MINI diploma (120Hrs/Fees: 1500LE)

Optimized diploma (Simulate the real work in companies)


This diploma is for graduates only, especially who wants to get familiar with embedded software development cycle at multinational companies.


Candidates for this diploma should have strong background in some topics like C, Real time concepts and software engineering, Operating Systems structure.


1.     Embedded C and code optimization.

2.     Device drivers.

3.     Testing of Embedded Systems.

4.     Tooling.

5.     Validation and Verification techniques.

6.     Automotive Bus Technology Standards.

7.     ARM Architecture and efficient C for ARM.

8.      Labs for RTOS.

OPTIMIZED diploma (60Hrs/Fees: 900LE.)

custom diploma (The Extract)

Depending on your backgrounds, you are free to customize your diploma according to your interests and needs.

Depend on your choices

Mobile applications

JavaTM ME Course Details
This course is intended for developers with an interest to start developing mobile applications using Java ME.

This module is intended for developers who already have at least a basic knowledge of Java.

Module 1- Java ME Development/MIDP Basics
Module 2- Developing and deploying MIDP applications
Module 3- High and low-level UI APIs
Module 4- Networking & Messaging Module

Module 5 – Multimedia
JavaTM ME Course (24 Hrs/Fees 500L.E.)

iPhone Application Development


Gain the qualified knowledge that makes you able to start your own small business by posting your application in app store
Course Contents

Introduction and Environment Setting

1. Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa

2. Objective-C and Foundation Framework

Basics of iPhone mobile

3. Custom Classes, Object Lifecycle

4. Building an Application_ Model

5. Views, Drawing, and Animation

Design Patterns and controllers

6. Designing iPhone Applications

7. Navigation & Tab Bar Controllers

Table Views

8. Scroll Views and Table Views (Jan

9. Data in Your iPhone App

Kits interfacing

10. Web Views_ Locations and Maps

Event Handling

11. Touch Events & Multi-touch

Miscellaneous APIs

12. Address Book_ Putting People

13. iPhone Device APIs_ Location

14. Audio APIs, Video Playback

iPhone Application Development (36 Hrs/fees 800L.E.)

Coming soon

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Introduction C++




Embedded Communication

Digital Communication

Embedded Linux

Call for information


EmbeddedFab team

Cairo Branch
+2010-723 2891 / +2019-639 1868

Alex Branch


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  1. Sara says:

    Hi. Can you tell me when will be this diploma started? And for how long ?
    The last question: I want to know if there is possible to take this diploma online or not ?

    Thanks a lot !


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