Buddy Pounce in Pidgin

A very nice feature that allows triggering of events based on buddies’ actions, here is a sample scenario:

  • I’ve logged in to Sametime and found my manager offline
  • Right-click on the name and click “Add Buddy Pounce”
  • I needed to be notified by a pop-up notification once my manager – abc here – went online, so I ticked “Signs on” and “Pop up a notification” and then entered the text I wanted to appear in the pop up “abc is online!”
  • Clicked “Add”

To view the buddy pounces list, click Tools -> Buddy Pounces, you can add/modify/delete pounces from there, very useful, isn’t it 🙂 ?


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Systems Engineer, OSS & Linux Geek
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2 Responses to Buddy Pounce in Pidgin

  1. Nice….
    How do u use @eg.ibm …….. which protocol you use?


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