How to solve the problems of "Oracle Enterprise Linux" in virtualbox

Not able to boot:
Just press escape during the grub loading process and choose the second kernel :), that’s it! If you want it to be persistent to avoid doing that at every startup, just go edit the “/boot/grub/grub.conf” and change “default=0” to “default=1” to point to the second kernel automatically.


Not able to install Guest Additions:

  1. mount the installation DVD, navigate to the folder “Server” and issue the command “rpm -ivh kernel-devel-2.6.18-164.el5.i686.rpm”
  2. unmount the DVD (if you’re not able to unmount due to a bug in virtualbox that prevents unmounting, just shutdown the guest OS and then remove it from the storage section)
  3. In the guest OS, click “Devices”->”Install Guest Additions”
  4. The CD will be mounted, navigate to its folder (in /media/VBox***) and run “sh VBoxLinux***” (x86 here if you’re using 32-bit edition)
  5. Reboot and enjoy 🙂

Some other issues I encountered while installing guest additions for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6 32-bit, you have to install gcc also, and in order to do so, you have to install the following packages from the DVD:  glibc-devel*, glibc-headers*

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