Compile and Install VLC 0.9.9a on Ubuntu Hardy

Here is what I did to install VLC 0.9.9a on my Ubuntu Hardy:

sudo apt-get build-dep vlc
sudo apt-get install paranoia*
sudo apt-get install libx264-dev

tar xvfz live555-latest.tar.gz
cd live
sudo ./genMakefiles linux
sudo make
cd ..
sudo cp -r live /usr/lib

tar jxvf vlc-0.9.9a.tar.bz2
cd vlc-0.9.9a
sudo ./configure –with-live555-tree=/usr/lib/live –prefix=/usr –disable-zvbi –enable-flac –enable-libass –enable-caca –enable-faad –disable-kate –enable-twolame –enable-realrtsp –enable-cddax –enable-theora –enable-mozilla –with-mozilla-pkg=libxul-plugin –with-x264-tree=/usr/include
sudo make
sudo make install

Enjoy 🙂

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