Getting (compiling) the latest version of Beagle Indexing Service on Ubuntu Hardy

I couldn’t find pre-compiled packages (.deb) for the latest version of Beagle (0.3.9), so I thought about compiling it myself, I did the following:

  1. Downloaded the new source files from (beagle and libbeagle) and extracted the files.
  2. Opened a terminal window and navigated to the “libbeagle” folder first (as beagle depends on it)
  3. Ran “./configure” to tell me if my system has all required files and libraries and I had to install the following libraries via apt-get: librsvg2-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, and libmono-dev.
  4. Ran “make”
  5. Ran “sudo make install”
  6. Did the same for “beagle”
  7. Killed all beagle processes (beagled and beagle-search) and restarted them
  8. I know it’s annoying to find it reindexing all the files, but that was fine for me, I’d leave the laptop on for an hour or two and everything is just fine

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Systems Engineer, OSS & Linux Geek
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