DeVeDe; Convert your favorite movies to be played on a DVD player

One of the things I was looking for since a very long time ago is that I wanted to play my favorite movies on the TV, not on the computer. I wanted that for 2 reasons:

  1. The TV is much bigger than the Laptop or PC’s screen
  2. I wanted to watch movies with my family, not alone!

As usual, I found the solution in one of the very nice open-source software; DeVeDe; This software does a LOT of functions, but my favorite one is choose a movie file (DVD-rip for the best image quality), choose the subtitles (oh yes, it can include the subtitles :-)), convert it to an ISO, and burn it to a DVD, then play it on my PlayStation 2 :-)))))). It brought so much fun to me and my family! Thanks a lot Sergio. I’m so sorry I couldn’t donate as the site accepts only PayPal which is not available for Egypt 😦 Shame on you PayPal!

Regarding installation, it’s there by default in Ubuntu’s repos (I’m talking here about Intrepid Ibex, don’t know if it’s available for other versions). Applications -> Add/Remove -> DeVeDe


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