Secure & Persistent Ubuntu 8.10 on USB Flash Disk

A very simple yet effective way to have Ubuntu on a flash disk with you, but not a live session as in one of my previous posts in Ubuntu 8.04, the difference between it and the live session is that the live session doesn’t provide any means of authentication which makes it useless for anyone who wants to keep his/her private data on it, and so, you’ll have to do the following:


  1. Access to Ubuntu 8.10 (Installed or Live CD)
  2. An Ubuntu 8.10 Source (.iso or a CD)


  1. Use the Ubuntu 8.10 tool (System->Administration->Create a USB Startup Disk) and attach your USB Flash Disk to the computer and wait till it finishes.
  2. Restart the computer (make sure that you boot from the USB stick) and choose your language and then the first option in the menu (Install Ubuntu without any modifications to your system)
  3. Go to System->Administration->Login Window, Security tab, and Disable Automatic login and timed login
  4. Create a password for user “root” (From System->Administration->Users and Groups)
  5. Allow local system administrator login
  6. logout of the user “ubuntu” and login as “root” with the new password you’ve just created.
  7. Remove the existing “ubuntu” user using the command “userdel -f ubuntu”
  8. Create a new user named “ubuntu” and set its password
  9. Log out and login as the new user
  10. Enjoy!!

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Systems Engineer, OSS & Linux Geek
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