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Password-less logins with OpenSSH on AIX


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Oracle DB Installation on AIX Tip

If you’re using Windows and running an X-server, such as XMing, and you’re willing to run the Oracle Installer, you might face the following warning: “Warning: Cannot convert string “-*-lucida-medium-r-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1″ to type FontStruct” Followed by a NullPointer Exception. This is … Continue reading

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Setting Up a CVS Server on AIX -> Draft

Download the RPM package from the online AIX Linux Toolbox Install it using RPM, if it doesn’t exist, download the installp image for RPM first and install it using Smitty Install the RPM package using “rpm -ivh cvsxxxx.rpm” CVSROOT environment … Continue reading

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Quick Tutorial: How to Setup Visual Mining NetCharts for Siebel 8 on AIX

I’m using user “siebel” to do all the below, it’s not recommended to use “root”. Download the installation files from Siebe’s image and upload it to the server decompress the file and navigate to: enu->unix There is only one file … Continue reading

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Command to display Hardware specs of an AIX Server

prtconf In order to be able to read the info, you should offcourse pipe to more, i.e. prtconf | more  

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